15+ years experience in Surf Coaching & Surf Guiding

"I really know all about not being that talented of a surfer or managing the everyday life troubles with finding the will and time to keep surfing. That's why i'm so dedicated to my work, because it allows me to have a life by the ocean and i get to help others achieve that too, by giving them better tools to enjoy the surf." 

Gonçalo, Founder & Head Coach at Time to Surf   

Gonçalo has background training in agricultural engineering (big fan of organic farming) but later shifted his training when the decision to create Time to Surf was made. He then went back to University to study sports psychology and later was part of the first class to graduate from the first Surfing Coaching course held at an University level, in the world - right here in Lisbon!

In the meanwhile, he was already a level 2 Surf Coach (the highest available level then) and started working full time as a surf coach since 2004, where he accumulated tons of experience, having progressed as a coach together with the progression of his first students, some still participate in the School's activities today. He has trained up to semi-professional level surfers participating in National and European competitions, having been proud to help achieve a Portuguese under 18 National Title and several other good results by his athletes.

Although loving Surf competitions, the focus has always been in the more soulful side of surfing and so the Surf travelling & guiding has been his main priority. Permanently divided between the urge to surf the World and the love for his Country and Family, he has made quite a few trips and is an avid researcher of surf spots around the world - not the most death defying or the one's were all the pros go, but rather the ones where you can surf good waves in peace and safety and still connect to the local community.  Want to know Gonçalo's favorite surfing destinations? You'll have to ask him in person! :)

We are not only surfers, we are surf teachers, and have trained for several years to provide you with a true exciting and safe surf experience. It will be all about you having fun and living true experiences for you. We have taught 4-year olds, and their grandfathers, so you can be sure that any excuse you are thinking for not surfing, we can get you through it! Even if you are not at ease with the sea, we know exactly where to get the waves suited for you to start discovering how much you will like surfing!

We get you the best waves available for your surfing skill level, with as low crowds as possible, so you have fun without worrying about your safety. Besides that,If you already have some skills, you won’t be stuck in the beginners class! We’ll get you surfing with similar level students and if necessary at a different location or schedule.

Here's what you get with Time to Surf:

Unique coaching method, combining leisure and performance
Flexible scheduling to find the best surf
Handpicked professional surf coaches

Some of the best surf gear available

Get a single experience just to get a taste of it or a pack of 5 lessons to really start enjoying gliding those waves.