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Come surfing with Time to Surf at Costa da Caparica, a sunny, consistent and user-friendly beachbreak near Lisbon. Gonçalo and his team of hand picked Surf Coaches will make sure you have a great time and get out of the water eager to learn more.

We coach both beginners, intermediate and experienced surfers. As you keep progressing, you can experience total freedom in the Ocean - more than giving you some tips, we boost your awareness and confidence in the surf (and beyond).

Our students are the living proof of our work - some of them are surfing with us since the very beginning, in 2004, and others are now surf coaching themselves, while others are introducing their kids to the lifestyle with our assistance. Time to Surf is not only about surfing but also about celebrating a healthy and committed lifestyle in the best place in the world, Portugal!

Join our Surf Lessons or go for the full experience at our Surf Camp in Costa da Caparica.




"Goncalo & Friends are very hearty & passionate surf-people who made it an awesome experience for me. Thanks a lot guys, had some epic rides on the board."


"Very kind and profesional. Helpful and patient with everyone, Gonçalo and his team perfectly knows how to build a customized program that fits everyone 's expectation."


"Great surf school, also for intermediate and advanced surfers! Goncalo's excellent coaching skills will help you to improve and push your limits while having a lot of fun at the same time."

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"I'll never forget the time i spent with Gonçalo and his crew. They took me out a lot, something the my owner never cared to do. I tried surfing and loved it, but found that i have some buoyancy issues. Best time ever. #yolo"


About Time to Surf

by Gonçalo, founder & head coach


Time to Surf started in 2004, as a test. Back then, there were already a few surf schools countrywide, but this activity wasn't seen as much as a business, as it is today. After finishing my university degree, i decided to dedicate a year to traveling a bit and extending with my summer job to year long, so i started coaching some friends and their friends. A year later i was sure that this was something i could do for a long time and also that i would be a much better Surf coach than i would be a Organic Farming technician, so the decision was made to transform those informal surf lessons into a proper business (My mom is still wrapping her mind around that, today). Fast forwarding thru all the extra training i got and all the learning about business, marketing and the dreadful tax obligations i picked up along the way, Time to Surf is, today, a small but solid company, proud of remaining faithful to it's original values - Share the stoke, live a live close to the Ocean and wake up every morning with a smile, eager to do our very best. Plus we consider ourselves the eternal startup, always dreaming big and looking to find ways to improve our game.


Allow our students the Freedom and the Search (of new waves and cultures) that are true to the surf spirit, without compromising reliability and professionalism. Celebrating a happy and balanced life style in our beloved country, Portugal.

To be honest, there's nothing i could say at this point to make Time to Surf stand different to any other Surf School. We provide surf tuition, good times and have a nice Surf house to host you in, like everyone else. Our difference though, is neither said or published on instagram, but rather felt by all those that fall in love with Portugal, that have surfing as a part of their being now, that are more aware and confident in the water and beyond, with a little help from us. We will always go a little further, for each of you - everyone is unique. And we are forever appreciative of all those that allow us to live such a lifestyle, love is everywhere!



We are not the ordinary Saturday to Saturday Surf Camp - arrive whenever, stay as long as you want, surf as much as you feel like, come alone or bring the familly. We'll happily take on the challenge of finding you the best possible surf and adjusting our activities to fit your needs, while making you fell as you are already a part of the family and the local community. We'll allow as much schedule flexibility as we can so that you can surf when the surf is best and take time off when tiredness is hurting your enjoyment or you just want to do something else.

If you are beginner, you'll have loads of fun wherever, for sure! But not always you will get an experience that will motivate you to keep surfing, at least not as a fully aware surfer. Developing a solid technical base and building self-confidence in the Ocean are critical for your safety and continued enjoyment of surfing. To achieve that, you should have Surf coaches with extended surf experience, so that their confidence in the surf passes on to you. Also, it's key to start somewhere where the waves are easy and smooth, not were all the pros go (you'll get to that, later on). After extensive traveling in Portugal and a fair bit overseas, we choose to be based at Costa da Caparica as this area provides consistent, user friendly surf and has a great climate to go along (after all, it's Portugal!). 

It's our commitment to provide more than an nice holiday or a fun weekend activity. We're about being your second home, by the Ocean. We are here for you year long and so are the nice (very underrated) waves of Caparica. This is a place where you can go back whenever, to surf the waves you know well (by then), re-encounter surf buddies and proceed with your personal surfing achievements, or just cleanse your soul from the everyday life. 

After you get the surfing basics, surfing different waves is both lots of fun and critical for your progression as a surfer. We go on regular day (or multi day) trips to the best surf spots, to allow you to try different waves and learn from the need to adjust to different environments, but rather than driving up and down the coast everyday, we carefully read the surf forecast charts and pick where to go and when to go - crowdless, good quality surf is not only possible, but usual. 

Looking forward to surf with you!